What is balance all about? Is it really about having it all? How do we get there? What should really boost a career? Should we pursue our career further or take a break? How can we strike the perfect balance between what we want to achieve and who we want to be? Is the complex equation that results in both private and professional life impossible to solve?

These are some of the questions that have helped to shape and inspire «Own The Way You Live». Swiss based but with an international outlook, it explores people's lives and lifestyles and acts as a source of information and inspiration for people who are in pursuit of a well-balanced life. Do you feel like you are fully in the driver’s seat of your own life and free to make the majority of your decisions according to your wishes? If so... well done! You are definitely on the right path (and we would love to hear from you). If not, feel free to browse our space. We hope our content and experiences will help you discover ideas and projects that will help you to balance the many different parts of your life in a healthy way.

It will be fuelled by both posts about my personal experiences and posts written by all the wonderful people (personal and professional acquaintances and experts) who have come across my private and work life. Some of the posts will be geographically tailored towards Switzerland and the EU, but you can consider «Own the way you live» an international project that covers topics relevant in all corners of our modern world.

I hope this project can be a permanent, active and evolving brainstorm to help us develop new flexible approaches and best practices about such key topics.


Working mum, wife, life explorer, blogger, networker. I live in (and love) Zürich, though my heart will never forget Milan and London.

I was raised in Milan and moved to London when I was 27, where I spent some of the most beautiful years of my life. In 2011 I moved to Switzerland, together with my husband. Now, I am currently based in Zurich, the city that my growing family and I happily call home.

I love to connect with people, listen to their stories, experiences, needs and suggestions, learning from them and growing with them. Over the past several years, between Milan, London and Zurich, I've developed a sizable network – both personally and professionally, gaining valuable insights on ways to improve the balance between what we try to achieve and who we want to be.